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Bed Bugs are a common species best adapted to human environments. They are a serious
problem and are attracted to high occupancy as they feed on human blood.

Bed Bugs tend to be active just before dawn but given the opportunity they will feed during the day
with their ability to crawl, jump and climb walls and furnitures.

They bite into the skin injecting saliva containing anticoagulants and anaesthetics while drawing out
the blood. In most cases, this causes the bite marks to become a raised red bump or flat welt, often
accompanied by intense itching after a few minutes or hours. Though bites can occur singularly,
they often follow a distinctive linear pattern marking the paths of blood vessels running close to
the surface of the skin. Once you spot events similar to this, you need to suspect whether you
have been exposed to Bed Bugs.

These insects are best dealt with by qualified experts so please contact us at 365 pest control
and allow us to eliminate the problem !

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