365 Pest Control - Birds

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Are pigeons, seagulls or sparrows posing a problem by causing damage to your property?

No matter how nice they may be, more than often, they damage your crops, pull up tasty corny seedlings, munch on blueberries and dig holes in lawns to look for insects.

But worst of all, these tiny creatures mistake your walls and parapets for their public toilet!

365 Pests Control can aid you and your property with three effective systems:

  • trapping
  • netting
  • wiring systems

If you have any problem related to birds feel free to contact us! We will “fly” there!

Birds Trapping

Trapping is useful to get rid of small local populations of birds.
Traps are available for Feral Pigeons, House Sparrows and Magpies.
The goal of trapping is not to eliminate every animal in the area but simply target the ones causing you problems.
It is also a very respectful way of keeping away these animals because it does not kill them but just trap them and consequently take them away.

Birds Netting

Birds netting is one of the most common services.
It provides a barrier to the pest bird species, without causing harm to the birds but simply moving them to other areas.
Different kinds of birds require different sizes of nettings.
It may seem very simple but the installation of the birds netting is considered a professional task. We are the best company to do it, just give us a call and we take care of it.

Birds Wire Systems

Birds wire is a post and wire system that makes the landing unstable for pigeons, seagulls and larger birds, keeping them off from the ledges, parapet walls, railing, roof-lines, signs, beams and handrails.
Birds excrement can seriously damage your property and over the time your health. It is very expensive to clean up.
Birds stain your building and deteriorate your walls.

So call us now and prevent birds from ruining your crop, lawn and produce.