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As nocturnal animals, mice are active throughout the hours of the night to seek for
food whilst avoiding their predators. Given these reasons, they are known to invade houses.

Due to their preference for the warmth of living inside buildings, they tend to build nests under the floor boards or in the attics of homes and often irritate residents.

Once you have mice nests inside your home, strong smells of urine are likely to settle and faeces are often seen around the house. Through their faeces and parasites, mice spread serious diseases, including salmonella and lyme disease, which are very harmful to humans and animals.

Notice also that mice secretes hantivirus, which is very dangerous for your health, and can provoke serious health problem.

Mice should be best dealt with by qualified experts, so we strongly advise you to contact us regarding any mouse infestations.

As a reliable pest control operator, 365 Pest Control offers fast and efficient service and are respectfully discrete. Call and let us eradicate your pest problems for you.