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A rat infestation is usually fairly easy to spot. A tell tale sign usually unfolds when you see rats running around or lying dead in the gutter.

Another great indicator is rat droppings, the droppings distinguish due to their seize which are usually up to 12 mm in length can give away signs of rats living in your home.

Rats love to build their nests inside, normally under floor boards or in the loft. A path of destruction follows wherever they go; Eating anything and chewing on everything, urinating and leaving droppings all over. By doing so they will contaminate the food and area. Rats are well known for carrying parasites that transmit diseases such as salmonella, weils disease and leptospirosis on to humans.

If you see a rat, you can count on more. Rats breed at an alarming rate so once you have seen one, act immediately. These animals have an incredible ability to survive, so do not wait another minute when you have spotted one and call 365 Pest Control.

We keep the rat population in control and even reducing the size, by traps and/or baits. The right products have to be chosen when catching rats in order not to harm children or pets in the household.

Our pest control agents will examine your individual need and find the perfect solution to your problem.

Contact 365 Pest Control to get rid of your rat problem, we will make your house or commercial property rat free with complete discretion and professionalism.